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A unique blend of ingredients that match each other: Banana & Sugar cane rumfrom Cameroon.
A special mixture made of 60% of orange and 40% of banana, highlighted by sugar cane rum. For the non-alcoholic poeple, do not worry. The alcohol evaporates during the cooking, and leaves us with an imposing yet subtle and sweet aroma.


A unique blend of ingredients that match each other.
Mishievous Chicca would be happy to see you open your eyes,and close them back slowly, while exhaling deeply with a broad simile, when eaten. It is a tasteful creation produced from the careful blend of pineapple, Kiwi and mint, Those who have felt the explosion of seeds in their mouths keep talking about it everytime we meet. Chicca goes perfectly with foie gras and cheese, and is a perfect tip for a good salad sauce.


A great harmony between Pineapple, Ginger & fresh mint leaves.
Minted debate was not just created by chance. It is the outcome of several culinary trials. We wanted to blend the strong and spicy flavour of ginger with the sweetness of pineapple, all highlighted by fresh mint leaves. The perfect combo for your cravings and for your daring kitchen experiments. This jam is perfect for your toasts,salads, and sugar free yogurt verrines.


A unique blend of ingredients that match each other.
They did not love papayas, now they do. In this square, passion fruit brings out a fresh breath from papaya. A sweet friendship but WATCH OUT; You maybe be tempted to empty the jar with your finger. On a serious note, Passion Square is probably our products for which we are the most proud. It reminds us of the harmony, generositiy and hospitality, the world mostly needs these days. Not only would Passion square be great for spreads, but it would equally be the key ingredient for your salad sauces and toasts.


For purple lovers (Bissap, Lemongrass & Pineapple)
Red Tango is undoubtedly one of our proudest creations. Its shades of red and purple arouses curiousity. We are seduced by its unique savour and how versatile its tasting experience can be. It would match perfectly with your sunday toasts and salad sauces.


A unique blend of ingredients that match each other: Cassimango & Coconut
When you taste this mixture, you are triggered by two things: The crunchiness and aroma of coconut, and the soft flesh of Kythera plums, commonly called Cassimango in Cameroon. This fruit which is very loved despite its thorny seed, reminds us that treasures are usually hidden in the toughest places.


Mango in all its generoristy.
What is perculiar about mango is that we all have a story about it. It reminds us of our childhood, of sharing and of friendship. Our connection? Almost everyone has in mind the image of one generous mango tree that used to freely shadow them from the sun and also give them good fruits. In the tropical dance mixture, we have associated the sweetness of mango to the unique taste of orange, to offer you a sweet delicacy with a bright warm colour.