Of this project; the will to quit monotonous tastes; that we have almost unconsciouly established in our lives and that are becoming more and more demanding.
It then came to our mind the idea of bringing together those who have in common this desire for a change or who wish to incorporate more colours and newhabits to their tables.
Convinced that the passion for cooking can develop strongly among peers, we have created this culinary journey to enable themto connect among themselves to later on laugh over it, and also produce together beautiful dishes for their tables.

At Wook we encourage ADVENTURE and we cherish the EXPLORATION of newtastes and savours through a hence limitless kind of cooking.

Welcome to your next stop,



Cooking in itself is already a good adventure.
Mixing ingredients in a particular way while trying to give a meaning to the mixture. We give the participants the freedom to explore their imaginations and this can only make them happy.



At Wook, cooking has no geographical limits.

We explore all the cooking skills, tastes and foods in the world, so that our particpants can travel through their plates and also enrich their culinary knowledge.



Our first challenge is to break barriers among our participants. Barriers that the soceity has set, within which we are enclosed and sometimes chocking. What we have been trying to create is a moment filled with warmth and respect, where people can laugh and be themselves without any fear of being juged, just like at home.